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Miniclub entertainer: always in step with the little ones! Got that amount of energy?

What’s a Miniclub? For those who don’t already know, imagine a place in the hotel where kids between 4-12 spend their holidays! Where they can participate in thematic days (Pirates Day, Eco Day, Oceans Day, Olympic Day, etc.), do face painting or play games.

As a kids entertainer, you’ll be the life and soul of the Miniclub during the day. In the evening is minidisco time, when the entertainers dance the best known and most fun nursery rhymes (national and international) with the kids. Is that special moment when children enjoy dancing with the hotel mascots.

miniclub entertainer in spain

Juan Luis is a restless guy… After passing through dance, leisure time monitor, flight attendant and much more courses, he finally discovered in June 2014 the tourist entertainment world.
Today he’s working as allround entertainer at Sandos Papagayo Beach Resort on Lanzarote.

all-round entertainer with acttiv

Before Acttiv, Timea worked as entertainer with a Hungarian company in Turkey. Today she works as allround entertainer (and second chief :) ) at Ifa Interclub Atlantic in Gran Canaria. Last year Timea was one of the models on our jobsite and you can hear 5 reasons for being an entertainer from her.

all-round entertainer gran canaria

1. How did you get to Acttiv?
I’ve started as allround entertainer with Acttiv in 2010 just for the winter season. In 2012, I came back and stayed for good :)


The synchronized projection show ”Invention of Love” was only the beginning! After the success of 2014 of this show for adults, we have created five more shows to be released this year and renew the nights of any hotel.

acttiv sincro live projection events

Lisette and Samuel are working as allround entertainers in Lanzarote at Beatriz Playa & Spa Hotel. Here’s their testimonials about their new job experience.

acttiv allround entertainers in lanzarote

This month we’re talking with and about the Super allround entertainers.

Nerea has been an allround #acttiventertainer at Isla Bonita Hotel in Tenerife for the last 2 and a half years.


1. How did you get to Acttiv?

I’ve started in March 2012 In Fuerteventura as an extra for a couple of weeks and then in July 2012 I’ve received an offer to go to Tenerife at Isla Bonita Hotel. And I’ve accepted. Two and a half years later I’m still here ;) and really pleased about it :D

Starting this February, each month we’ll speak about different #acttiventertainer profiles. From all-round entertainer, to miniclub, fitness and wellness, sports, dancer, babyclub or chief entertainer… find out what the heck are they doing and what you can do to become one :)

Allround entertainer: a Superman with no limits and ready for anything.



All Devices, All Screen Sizes (desktop PCs, tablets and smartphones)… One Jobsite for entertainers

We are excited to announce the new and improved!

The new website features a design aimed at giving the best experience to Acttiv entertainers-to-be, while making information easy to find and simple to read. As can be seen, the homepage will guide you to discover the best way to get a job as a tourist entertainer with us.

Abian is a Spanish guy who wanted to experience the life as an entertainer. To do that he had to pass our online course, which he successfully did. Now he’s working as an Acttiv entertainer in Gran Canaria.

acttiv hotel entertainer course

Today we introduce you to another Acttiv colleague: Ana Colmenero. Who is Ana and what does she do at Acttiv?


acttiv hotel entertainer course teacher

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