What kind of contract does Acttiv offer?

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We are aware that when many of you come to Spain to work as entertainer you hear for first time terms as NAF, NIE and “Seguridad Social”… you deal for first time with a contract in a foreign country and it is even written in Spanish…. obviously you freak out with all of this!

Today and in our following posts we will try to give you an answer to common comments and questions we are often asked to. Hope it helps you and, above all, we would like to encourage you to ask any further question you may have or suggest new topics.

Let’s start with the basics:

1. What kind of contracts does Acttiv offer?

It is a Spanish Labour contract called “fijo discontinuo”. This term doesn’t have an easy translation into English but, basically, it is a permanent contract that works by season. Your contract doesn’t have an ending date. As soon as the position finishes your contract goes to stand-by. After that, HR will give you a call when finding a new position that seems right for you. As the latest this new position will be offered a few weeks before the next summer season.

2. Can I quit the contract?

Yes, you are always free to quit the contract as long as you respect the notice:

– During your first month you are able to quit at any time.

– After a month you will have a two weeks notice

– After having your contract in stand-by you can always refuse the new job position offered.

3. When will I have to sign the contract?

The contract is always signed upon arrival.

4. And then you may wonder… and won’t I have the chance to check out my work conditions before getting there?

You can ask a copy of your contract when HR department offers you the job position, we will be happy to send you a copy by e-mail for you to go through it in advance. Take into account that as it is just a copy of you contract, it will be in Spanish. So you will have the opportunity to start practicing…. ;)

Hope this info has been useful, next post we will continue answering questions you may have and, please, feel free to send us any comment or question you may have. We are always happy to help.

Be Acttiv,

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