Meet the Acttiv Team

Let’s be honest! Acttiv is what it is because of our amazing team.

It is a great pleasure to present throughout various posts on this blog, the people who make Acttiv possible.

First to go: Dorina- that’s me :-)!!!!


About Dorina

I am relentlessly optimistic and try to see the world in a posite light. My passions are reading, the F1 racing car (Gooo Alonso!), going to the beach with my fiance and chocolate (lot’s of it!). I have a pretty big coin collection (that includes an ancient roman coin) of which I’m very proud !

What Dorina does at Acttiv

Although I have a teaching and Psychology background, I discovered my calling in social media.

My main objective is to manage animajobs site and blog and make them as valuable and entertaining as possible. I’m the one behind the scenes, replying to comments and keeping order over at our Facebook page, Twitter account and all Acttiv’s social networks (Instagram, Tuenti, Youtube etc.)

I’m also in charge of the online recruitment process, working closely with the HR dpt.


What others say about Dorina

“Clever, precise, always in the pursuit of perfection and professionalism!!!! HUHUHUHUHU”

“We also like naming her Dorinator… This joke comes because of her confidence, hard work and straight determination to get things done in the best possible way… and she always takes this joke with her characteristic smile.”


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