Meet the Acttiv Team: Julie


About JULIANE KRUG a.k.a. Julie

She’s a well organized woman with a cheerful attitude of an entertainer.

She left behind Germany and her musical background (her grandpa was a composer, her father is a musician and she studied Classical Music) and adventured herself in the tourist entertainment world during and after graduating in International Tourism Economy.

She plays 3 instruments: piano, bassoon and flute and has a passion for every kind of sports, she even tried the tightrope walk. How cool is that????!!!! Every time she gets the chance she goes diving or climbing. Whether underwater or 4500m (in Chile) over the sea level she’s in her element :)

Jule loves animals and has the sweetest cats, her Yin and Yang ;) as one is black and the other is totally white.

What Julie does at Acttiv

She is “everything”: a friend, a mother, a sister, a confessor, a nurse, a psychologist, she’s the ears who listen, the eyes who see, the hands who help. And above all “what for others are problems, for her are situations with solutions”!

In one word she’s a COORDINATOR. And a very committed one.

What others say about Julie

“Since I met Julie first time, I have always wondered how many glasses she has. I think she has more glasses than Carrie Bradshaw has shoes in Sex in the City…
And now skipping the jokes, Julie is a committed and special woman and what makes her so special is the fact that any of the things she does have her personal touch… they are just Julie’s! Last Christmas, she wished Marry Christmas to all the directors she works with giving them as a present the traditional Acttiv watch together with a few home-made cookies. She definitely knows how to outstand with discretion.”

“Julie is an honest and sensitive person. She is intelligent and has a strong personality which makes her an effective person to work with.”

“Positive, smiling , decisive,…… and she drives like Michael Schumacher when she is parking in her house garage !”

julie jumping on top of the mountain

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