Our Madrid Office

Hello, we’re back with more information about Acttiv (that’s us :D) and you’ll need less then 1 minute to read this post!!!

Bet you!!! Ready……. steady…….. go!!!

We open for you the door to our Madrid office!!!!

Fashion sofa, don’t you think?? We don’t know if it’s comfortable, cause nobody tried it  till now……..

The girls are always very busy in the HR Department!!!!

Just an usual, hectic day in the  Labor Department!! By the way….this is the place where the staff salary accounting processes take place….

And here we have……… which department do you think?

…. yeahhhhhhh, that’s where the money comes from….. the Financial Department!!!!

We take a sneak peek into the comercial and marketing department,


but can’t forget the Community Manager!!!! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Animajobs, acttiv.net, etc…………….are always on

The lucky one with the big Mac screen is our illustrator…

And finally, we have the meeting room. A lot of brainstorming is happening here :-)

But not right now :D

Was it under 1 minute or not?????


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