Meet the Acttiv Team: Lori

Wanna know a perfect entertainer? Then you can’t miss this post!!!

About LORENZA CRESPI a.k.a. Lori

Half Italian, half Congolese, Lorenza has been in the tourist animation world for 11 years. She’s what we call a born-entertainer, brightening up a room with her smile. Although she doesn’t want to outstand, you can’t miss her! Truly!!!


An exceptional dancer, she’s very creative: she paints and plays the guitar, the flute and the harmonic (this last one is still learning)

Lanzarote is her home now, so in her spare time you can find her hanging out with her friends or walking along the beach, enjoying the sun, the ocean and the clouds. Yeah! You got that right! Lorenza just loves to take pictures of the clouds. Well…. I think everybody has a kinky point :D


What Lori does at Acttiv

Working at Acttiv since 2004, Lori went from entertainer to second in charge and chief entertainer at H10 Lanzarote Gardens.

Now, she’s one of Acttiv’s entertainer trainer. As shaper of “want-to-be” entertainers, she tries to pass her knowledge and belief that ” by choosing entertainment, not only are you choosing a profession, but a way of life.”


What others say about Lori

“…she is very discreet. At work she is constant and never complains of no one and nothing. She is almost always in a good mood and smiling. she is very good to keep secrets On the stage she is the pump even though she doesn’t like highlight, stands out by herself alone.”

“I had the luck to know Lori for a long time, cause we were working together in Italy. She grew up a lot, personally and profesionally, she is always smiling and positive, she has in her attitude, the perfect entertainer attitude. I love her a lot and I consider her part of my italian family in Spain!!…………….. P.S.: Lori, now that you are part of my italian Family in Spain….do you have some monay to give me??:P”

“Lori is the easiest going person in Acttiv!! Always calm and with a smile but at the same time very professional and the perfect teacher for new entertainers. she never says no!!!! la queremos!!!”


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