Meet the Acttiv Team: Antonio

A good morning to you all!!! A few weeks have passed and we’re back with another introduction of a member of the Acttiv team!

About Antonio a.k.a. Anthony

In a large bowl, mix two parts Labor Assistant with one part Entertainer, sprinkle in a dash of English Philology and Social Tourist  Guide. In a separate dish stir two parts son and unkle to one part friend, with a hint of serial lover and art passionate. Combine and lightly fold until mixed thoroughly. Serve with fresh tuna sushi at room temperature.

No, no, it’s not a new recipe, it’s our Anthony :)! In case you didn’t understood, cooking is one of his passions, along series, cinema, art and Charlize Theron( for whom isn’t she ;-)???)!

What Antonio does at Acttiv

He’s been working at Acttiv since 2006. He was an entertainer in Salou (Catalonia) and for 4-5 years. He was also a guide/entertainer for the Social Tourism Program in Castilla-La Mancha.

Today, you can find him in our central office in Madrid, in the Labor Department, helping with the work changes for entertainers and entertainment managers and the processes with the public administrations, among others.

What others say about Antonio

“We are lucky to have our own “Wikipedia-man” ! If you can’t find a thing or just need information about something… then his your man! His a marvellous person, with the greatest heart. On top of that his a master chef: pitty I did’t get the chance to try his fabulous birthday cake with extra chocolate, but next year I promise I won’t miss it I want a double portion :D”

“He is always available to help end he is very concrete doing it. He has the time for everyone, and he is the official guide of the Madrid central office: that’s says a lot of him; he tries inmediately to make yourself confident with that ambient. It is really a pleasure to work with a friend like him. He is also a lovely person to talk with afterwork.”

“Siempre tiene respuestas correctas a todo lo que le preguntas. Si necesitas cualquier cosa y no lo tiene, lo buscara, y si no lo encuentra lo seguira buscando. Muy eficaz en lo que hace y muy rapido. Es un compa├▒ero que respeta bastante a todo el mundo. Entre muchas cosas la organizacion es su fuerte!!!”

“Solo hay que decir AMAZING!!!!!!! Siempre esta. Te ayuda con todo lo que puede y mas… Muy organizado y abierto. Jo quieres casarte conmigo???”

And by the way…….. his single ;)

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