Meet the Acttiv Team: Alfonso

About Alfonso Rey a.k.a. El Rey or Alf

This Vallecas (Madrid) native guy who adopted Mallorca as his home, is now an affectionate family men, with many acquaintances and few friends. And we can’t forget he’s a bit lunatic and passionate about watches and cars!!!! Basically a true Cancer!

foto de alfonso con el cochazo

The style is very important to Alfonso, in every aspect, but sometimes his “Madrid cocky attitude” plays dirty tricks on him ;) He does a lot of sport, enjoys dancing salsa. Actually, this way he met the love of his life, Sabine! 110%”latino-man” :)

In his own word, “… you like me or you don’t! There are no grey areas: it is either black or white!”


What Alfonso does at Acttiv

He’s both commercial and coordinator in the Balearic Islands. He oversees Mallorca and coordinates Menorca and Ibiza. So he’s traveling a lot!

He started to work as entertainer for the hotel chain Sol Melia. After, he worked in professional shows with Romantic co. and also as the company’s delegate in Lanzarote.

In 2005 Alfonso joins the Acttiv team as coordinator in Tenerife and starting 2009 he officially moves to Mallorca (lucky one :))


What others say about Alfonso

6 years ago I met the most wanted single here on mallorca…and 4 years ago i had the pleasure to have alfonso as my compi the trabajo…the best person to work with, always in for a joke and every day is a funny day when we share the car to one of the hotels… helpfull in every way he can and a wonderfull person… mi alfiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ;-))))))”

“He is always impeccable, elegant, some kind of smoothie and always put a smile on your face, it’s really difficult to be angry with him, even if there were “mitigating causes”. He is a really good person to work and have fun with. He is a colleague and a friend.”

“once he was the best party boy….”

“Well I would say he is our male “Posh Spice” takes great pride in everything. And totally agree with my colleagues he has great ways with words……… SMOOTH OPERATOR :D”

“He was my coordinator in Tenerife, and if i trusttotally in the company it is cause i trusted totally in him.He dedicated to me time, listening ,patiance without asking nothing back.I really apreciate this actitud , with his politeness and his emphaty he has all the skills of a positive leader. Thanks Alfonso, for being my friend and my example. Since he left Tenerife…..i had more chances with womens… :P”

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