Online course to become entertainer…???

An online course to become a tourist entertainer? Are these people mad or what? At the beginning we thought it, too!!!

But who is crazier?


There are a lot of young people who don’t dare to come to Spain to take a course or that we have to turn down for being inexperienced. The online course was the obvious solution to us!

It’s not just another usual online course, but an innovative one:

USUAL COURSE                                                              ACTTIV COURSE

At the end, this 80 hours course divided in 21 working days (we give them the week-ends off  :D ) it’s about discovering who’s got what it takes!!!

We know, being in a hotel in contact with the clients is crucial, but knowing as much as possible about the entertainment before getting there, it helps for sure! And for those who do well we guarantee a job offer (and the experience of their life) within 12 months of the courses end.

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