5 Tips to do the Harlem Shake

“¡Con los terroristas!” Does it sound familiar? If it does it may be because of the viral video called the “Harlem Shake.” So what’s this meme?

The Harlem Shake consists of a 30 second video starting with one person dancing in front of apparently oblivious people. Once the beat drops, everyone appears dressed up with weird costumes and dancing like crazy. The track to every video is DJ Baauer’s song Harlem Shake.

The video needs to follow some rules, but improvisation is always welcome. Let’s take a look at the Harlem Shake’s essential ingredients:

  1. The person who starts the dance must wear some sort of a mask (a motorcycle helmet or a face covering mask)
  2. Other participants must completely ignore the first person dancing and behave as if he isn’t even there
  3. The dance should start at the 15-16 seconds mark with the people going batshit nuts after the lyric “…and do the Harlem Shake”
  4. The transition must match the music and beat
  5. The number of people don’t matter, but the more the merrier

The first Harlem Shake in Acttiv was done by the Animation Team at Isla Bonita Hotel in Tenerife


At the Madrid office we’ve made one for Joost, on his last working day!!!


Here’s a surprising one!


Now go do the Harlem Shake…



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