Meet the Acttiv Team: Janine

Continuing our “Meet the Acttiv Team ” series, we’re proudly introducing you to another of our members: Janine, our Tenerife coordinator.

Janine - Acttiv coordinator Tenerife

Does she look like royalty or what?  :D


About Janine

I was born in Liverpool originally. My family from the side of my mum come from there. Well here is where it can also get complicated. Because the family from the side of my nana were from Wales and the family from my grandad from the side of my mum from Barbados. My father is from Dominica. So sometimes when people ask me where I am from I reply “Good question”. So in short I am half English Half Dominican.I lived most of my life in Nottingham.

Before coming to Spain I studied Performing Arts. Which has everything to do with animation. On stage and behind the scenes.

In my free time I enjoy being with friends, shopping, and have a obsession with Perfumes and generally just like to chill after a long week.

To sum me up. I am a bit of a perfectionist, funny and have a huge heart. And am famous for my 1000 different hairstyles and “Chandals” (según Javier Gruñeiro). I have gone from Whoopi, Whitney and now Beyoncé.


What Janine does at Acttiv

I was offered a job as an entertainer after my holidays in Lanzarote 2000. The animation team asked me to take part (My mum said yes) I was then named Whoppi Goldberg (Sister Act) and 4 months later was living here and never looked back……

I joined Acttiv in 2005.

Now my base is Tenerife as a coordinator. I have been here since 2007. The only Brit in the family.


What others say about Janine

“An honest and straightforward person.”

What can I say about Janine…. so many years together darling!!! Sweet and sour as she chooses, organized at all times, good colleague always… THE CHERRY OF THE CAKE!!!!!”

“When I first met Janine, she was an Entertainer chief in Lanzarote, after that, she became a very competent coordinator, she is always trying to do her best. She is really funny and passionate, and not only at work! When she believes in something, she likes to fight for the right way to do the things. She really likes Animation.
It’s a real pleasure to have her in the team. Love you JJ.”

“Una crack! lo suficientemente loca, divertida y surrealista para saltar de un precipicio y divertirse en el aire.”

“Miss Jones (JJ for me), she is a real important person of my life, from the professional and the private point of view. Since we met in Tenerife i had the luck to learn a lot by her “precision” and her generosity in work and in life. She is a reference for the persons for her sense of responsibility. There are to many nice things that I could write about her….i would like to express it (for the first time..and only for her) posting a song:….of course the meaning is all the friendness and admiration that i feel for her. Speaking about her generosity….i hope next time that we have a coffee…she will invite me!!”

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