Best running apps

Whether you’re just trying to get fitter, training for a marathon (the Lanzarote Marathon with Acttiv :) ) or you just want a new app to keep you running, grab your trainers and check in with our top five apps for hitting the track.

NIKE+: Android/iOS


The app tracks your progress, maps your runs and shows all your stats on the Nike  website to see how well you’re running. It offers social data-sharing, real-time cheers, a  “PowerSong” to give you a burst of motivation or badges.





One of the most popular apps, includes ways to track runs, jogs, and even cycling.  Users can also log goals (whether they are distance, speed, total miles or weight loss)  and track them throughout their progress





Very social app, that tracks your duration, distance, and speed. You can create routes,  challenge your times, tag photos, videos, etc. Users can keep tabs on their friends  during activities and measure up against personal bests on Endomondo.





The nutritional info is what makes this app stand out the most. You can check in to see  what you ate every day and try to improve your overall health. It also gives you an  estimate on how much you should eat, and how many glasses of water you need.



ZOMBIES, RUN!: Android/iOS (3,69 €)

zombies This unorthodox running app is more game than fitness companion, as it turns your jog  into a story about survival. You’re not just tracking your run with stats and numbers,  you’re building a base full of supplies, and using zombie chases as interval training.


Lets us know how you train! Do you use a running app?

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