Month of Super all-round #acttiventertainer

Starting this February, each month we’ll speak about different #acttiventertainer profiles. From all-round entertainer, to miniclub, fitness and wellness, sports, dancer, babyclub or chief entertainer… find out what the heck are they doing and what you can do to become one :)

Allround entertainer: a Superman with no limits and ready for anything.


Each entertainer has his specific duties, depending on which position he has in the team. But no matter what, all Acttiv entertainers Take Fun Seriously and make sure the guests are having the best time possible on their holidays.

An allrounder is taking part in all the daily activities: miniclub, sports and evening entertainment or public relation.


  • Organise activities and games for all ages: mini (aged 4-8), maxi (aged 9-12), teens (aged 13-16) and adults
  • Promote the activities, the more guests participate, the better!
  • Dance in the night shows, be the MC…
  • Put on some giant shoes and dance the minidisco with the kids, dressed up as clown
  • Listen to and chat with the guests

… skills and personality

  • Funnny, outgoing and 100% can-do attitude for this job!
  • Smiley character who loves working with kids, adults and do shows at night.
  • Full of energy, with no limits and ready for anything.

Want to feel like a Superman? Grab the chance to have an international experience and become an allround entertainer with us!

If you think you’re up for it, go to… we’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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