How is the life of an Allround entertainer? – Lisette & Samuel

Lisette and Samuel are working as allround entertainers in Lanzarote at Beatriz Playa & Spa Hotel. Here’s their testimonials about their new job experience.

acttiv allround entertainers in lanzarote

1. How did you get to Acttiv?
L. I’ve studied TAFAD (Physical Activities and Sports) and the tourist entertainment was a very interesting part. So I went to the casting for the Acttiv course and I was selected. Three months later I received a job offer and here I am :)
S. I didn’t had a job at that time, but the tourism world always appealed to me. I found out about the course and it changed my life :D

2. What is your daily routine?
L. It depends on the type of guests we have at the moment at the hotel. If there are lots of kids, I will probably organize activities with them at the Miniclub. In the morning we do handicrafts or mini-glof, ping-pong, volleyball and in the afternoon we play outside, do facepainting and so on. At night the minidisco is a must and kids favourite, along with the mascot
S. Although I can do all kinds of stuff with kids or adults, I prefer the sports activities like sjoelen, french bowls, darts or riffle shooting. Some nights, we have participation shows (guests are the jury), musical quizz and hit parades

3. What do you most like about your job?
L. I love meeting new people, get to know them… The guests are always grateful for entertaining them. And I also like to cheer them up
S. Being a Public Relation, talking with the guests, to make jokes and have a good time with them.

4. Acttiv entertainers are super-entertainers who take fun seriously. Which do you think is your super-power?
L. I’m full of energy all day long… like a redbull in person ;)
S. My smile… even if I’m not having a good day, the guests never see me sad. I’m always smiling and laughing with the guests.

5. If as an entertainer you could ask for another super-power, which one would you like to have?
L. I would love to be a time witch. So when the guests complain about the bad weather, with just a snap of my fingers, to change it into a sunny one.
S. The power to always entertain the guests

activities allround entertainers

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