SINCRO Live Projection Events

The synchronized projection show “Invention of Love” was only the beginning! After the success of 2014 of this show for adults, we have created five more shows to be released this year and renew the nights of any hotel.

acttiv sincro live projection events

A screen, a projector and a team of 3 Acttiv entertainers is all you need for the SINCRO Live Projection Events. The new format show in which the entertainers interact with what happens on the screen in real time.

Besides “Invention of Love”, we will release another show for adults and “The Wonderful Trip”, a kids show where the hotel mascot, or a preferred character makes a trip around the world with the children. Very soon, participation shows like “Top of Pop” and “Play & Film”, new music quiz and interactive cinema, we’ll transform the hotel or camping scene into a TV set.

Looking good, right? Stay tune on our Facebook/Acttiv for more videos and info about the new SINCRO Live Projection Events.

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