A day with an allround entertainer

Before Acttiv, Timea worked as entertainer with a Hungarian company in Turkey. Today she works as allround entertainer (and second chief :)) at Ifa Interclub Atlantic in Gran Canaria. Last year Timea was one of the models on our jobsite animajobs.com and you can hear 5 reasons for being an entertainer from her.

all-round entertainer gran canaria

1. How did you get to Acttiv?
I’ve started as allround entertainer with Acttiv in 2010 just for the winter season. In 2012, I came back and stayed for good :)

2. What is your daily routine?
My days are never the same, that’s what I like about my job! In the mornings I can do fitness and sports activities or if there are lots of kids in the miniclub, you can find me there. In the afternoon more sports, bingo with the adults or miniclub activities.

3. What do you most like about your job?
I like a great deal of things: living on my own and being independent, learning new languages (I’ve picked up a pretty decent Spanish), having fun with my team. The shows are my favourite part, but also engaging with the guests, getting to know them. Like I said, lots of stuff…

4. Acttiv entertainers are super-entertainers who take fun seriously. Which do you think is your super-power?
My personal touch ;) I pay attention to people and I like to get personal and closer to the guests.

5. If as an entertainer you could ask for another super-power, which one would you like to have?
I would absolutely love to divide myself and to do different activities at the same time. Or to stop time :D

We think she’s a truly allround entertainer, don’t you?

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