Month of Miniclub Entertainer

Miniclub entertainer: always in step with the little ones! Got that amount of energy?

What’s a Miniclub? For those who don’t already know, imagine a place in the hotel where kids between 4-12 spend their holidays! Where they can participate in thematic days (Pirates Day, Eco Day, Oceans Day, Olympic Day, etc.), do face painting or play games.

As a kids entertainer, you’ll be the life and soul of the Miniclub during the day. In the evening is minidisco time, when the entertainers dance the best known and most fun nursery rhymes (national and international) with the kids. Is that special moment when children enjoy dancing with the hotel mascots.

miniclub entertainer in spain

And if you think entertaining kids throughout the day is a piece of cake… think again! Although is one of the most rewarding positions (the kids will love you, will give you lots of hugs and will make you drawings as you’ll be their favorite person in the entire world!), this not a job for faint-hearted.


  • Dress up on special dates and invent handicrafts, water or table games… All for and with children between 4-12 years
  • Welcome and take care of the mini club children. Try not to lose any of them! :P
  • Very important : always keep the children’s area tidy
  • Put on some giant shoes and dance the minidisco with the kids, dressed up as clown
  • Listen to and chat with the parents

… skills and personality

  • patient, patient, very patient…  do you get it? ;)
  • responsible, creative and funny. Excellent knowledge of crafts and games is truly important.
  • kids get bored quickly, so plenty of energy is also needed.
  • depending on the position, the languages level can be pretty significant. In most cases you’ll have to speak with kids of different nationalities.

mini club entertainer mallorca

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