Month of Dancer Entertainer

Loose yourself to dance!! I’m singing in the rain! I’m bad, I’m bad!!

When you hear these lyrics, are you already dancing? And we mean like really knowing to follow a choreography, not to pop it and drop it, cause you only have one move and you stick to it no matter what kind of music is on :D

dancer entertainer with acttiv

If you think you’ve got what it takes, then here are some of the things you need to know to become an acttiv dancer entertainer.


– you’ll have the leading role in classic and new performances like Invention of Love, which combines dance with synchronized projection.

– you’ll have to test and ensure that the set and wardrobe are ready for the evening show.

– sometimes, you’ll have to organise activities related to dance such as classes of salsa, zumba, aqua gym, aerobics, aqua splash, etc.

…skills and personality. You know you’re a dancer entertainer when:

– you hear a song and start thinking of some choreography to go with it.

– catch up really fast when choreographed

– your body and heart can’t sit still when you watch dance

– you can’t stop dancing even if you hate the song :)

Now are you ready for Moonwalk, Hokey Pokey, Robot Hustle, Charleston, Macarena, single ladies or the gangnam style?? Go to and send your CV.

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