The entertainers inspire me!

Celia’s adventure in tourist entertainment started 13 years ago, in Tarragona after attending an animation course. Now, she’s the team leader at one of the best resorts in Spain: Hotel Barceló Punta Umbría Beach Resort.

Marvelous dancer and singer (she sings live in the shows), she seemed promising since she was a little girl, don’t you think?? :D

promising star

Q: Why do you like the tourist entertainment world?
A: I don’t really understand… hahaha, I just know that I’m incapable of working in anything else, although I’ve tried. I think it’s because of the team, you never get bored and the entertainers inspire me with their energy.

Q: Why do you keep coming back and work with us?
A: I feel at ease and I know I can count on Acttiv for whatever I need.

Q: What does it take to be a good entertainment leader?
A: To be very organized and a good observer, but also to empathize with your team. You have to talk to every one of the entertainers, to be close to them and to know them, and what makes them tick.

Q: An advise for future team leaders?
A: Don’t close yourselves in the office and don’t forget you were once entertainers! Your team has to see how you where when you where in their shoes.

Q: Why would you recommend this work?
A: Anyone can do it! You don’t really need much experience in order to start! It all depends on the right attitude! If you push your boundaries and give everything you’ve got, the satisfaction is immediate. It’s a line of work where you receive all day signs of gratitude from the guests and your teammates!

frozen entertainment team acttiv punta umbría resort(at the right, next to Jasmin is Celia as Elsa in Frozen )


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