Team is first for Lukas!

This 24 year old Slovakian guy started to work in tourist entertainment as sports entertainer in 2011, in Greece. In 2012 he attended one of our casting in Bratislava and he was chosen. And what a good selection we’ve made! ;)

His first season with us was on Majorca with Andrew Finney (now coordinator in Levante) as team leader and mentor. “Everything I’ve learned I learned from him and Cristina (second chief). They were awesome leaders!”

entertainment team acttiv protur majorca

(Entertainment team Protur Safari Park Majorca 2012)

After a well-deserved holiday during winter time, in 2013 he returned on Majorca, at Beverly Playa Hotel as sports entertainer. After one month in the hotel, he was offered the opportunity to become a team leader (“Thanks to Chantal and Alfonso!”), which he grabbed, in his on words “Why not?”

Today he is still there and still doing a good job!!

At the beginning of this season he participated in one of our trainings for team leaders. “It was an enriching experience for me, the atmosphere was cool, we were like a family! Also the day we’ve spent with Nacho (one of Acttiv’s directors) was special, learning interesting things not so about entertainment, but more about life. And it was a great thing to have met him!”

This is your 3rd season as team leader, what does it take to be a good entertainment leader?
“I care about me team… if they are happy, the guests are happy! A good communication is essential, but not just talking to every entertainer about their duties or stuff, but also about spending quality time outside the hotel. For example, every month, I invite them to dinner or we go together to the beach.”

Do you have an advise for future team leaders?
“One must be ready to do every activity at any moment. A good team leader shows to every entertainer from his team how to do things and he is an example for them. Communication, communication and more communication!”

Sounds like he knows what he’s saying, don’t you think?


One thought on “Team is first for Lukas!

  1. Lukas is amazing! I met him only for a few days but enough to realize that he is really professional and a good leader. I also learned from him, I like his philosophy :) great entertainment team in Beverly Playa.

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