A good chief empathizes with the team

Cristina, team leader at Servigoup Pueblo Hotel in Benidorm, found in the hotel entertainment world a professional opportunity to the career she studied: Early Childhood Education.

She became an #acttiventertainer in 2010 at Protur Safari Park Aparthotel on Mallorca as miniclub responsible and second chief entertainer.

animation team mallorca

(Cris -in the middle- after the marvelous “Cats”)

Why do you like the entertainment world?
“There’s so much more to this work than it may seem. I’m always meeting new people and new cultures. I discovered I enjoy the shows and being on the stage and now I just can’t leave it! Surely, I won’t change it for a 9 to 5 office job!
Being with Acttiv gave me the chance to work the entire year, also in winter time. However, although I’ve worked on Gran Canaria (where the sun always shines!), I personally prefer the peninsular coastline. And now I have the chance to work all year long also here. So it’s awesome!!”

The last 2 years, you’ve been helping us with some of the entertainment courses we organize . How was the experience?
“Learning new things from the rookies is something I really appreciate during these courses. Usually they are highly motivated and they transmit it… so what you sew is what you rip”  ;)

You have been a chief for a couple of years now, what does it take to be a good team leader?
“The most important thing is to empathize with your team and to understand you’re their example to follow. You can’t asks them to do tasks you don’t do or aren’t ready to do at any time.”

servigroup pueblo benidorm entertainment team acttiv

(Entertainment team Servigroup Pueblo #acttivsummer2015)

An advise for future team leaders?
“To have confidence in themselves… it’s all they need to go forward and succeed. And above all, they need to be patient!”


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