Month of DJ & Reporter Entertainer

The secret of the success of the evening programme rests with the DJ Entertainer.

Reporter Entertainer: “undercover” correspondent at the hotel or campsite.

Are you hooked on photography, always with a camera in your hand and infinitely patient when it comes to taking the best photo or the most entertaining video? For you to work as Reporter entertainer you have to be an expert on Photoshop, Final Cut or Pinnacle.

acttiv dj entertainerDreaming about being the next Avicii? As DJ entertainer, you’ll have the chance to practice what you like the most. Being the resident DJ at a hotel or campsite can be fantastic job: playing the year’s hits at the beach and swimming pool parties, amusing the little ones at the minidisco and putting on the music for the evening shows!

Some of the responsibilities of the DJ entertainer:

– accompany the daytime activities with appropriate music.

– help your colleagues at the show rehearsals and in setting up for the shows

– look after the lighting and sound equipment

– be the MC

Desired skills:

– full of energy and multitalented

– creative all-rounder who likes to be up on the latest in music

– outgoing and good public relations.

acttiv entertainer with camera

Some of the responsibilities of the Reporter entertainer:

– create and edit videos and photos for social networks: interviews with hotel guests and staff; families and children doing activities; and whatever occurs to you!

– give free rein to your imagination and design posters for the shows and activities

Desired skills:

– a people person, able to get the best smile for the camera

– very creative and observant, with a keen eye for details



DJ or reporter, no matter what… if you’re ready to live your dream, join us and upload your CV on our jobsite


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