About the blog

Animajobs is Acttiv’s job portal.

Animajobs Blog is a place to share our thoughts and to give entertainers a chance to comment on what we’re doing. We needed a place to post our pictures and tell our stories.

Acttiv offers tourist animation services in Spain. We give young Europeans the opportunity to make a career in entertainment and we put together teams capable of starting up and running innovative holiday leisure programmes that suit the holidaymakers’ wishes.

In high season there are more than 800 of us entertainers working in 250 hotels and campsites on the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands and the Peninsular Coast.

Here at Acttiv we have a dream and we want you to be part of it. Share our vision:

To succeed in making unforgettable holidays for holiday-makers the top priority of everyone who works in the tourist sector.

We believe that to make our dream come true we should take small but confident steps. We’re working to professionalize tourist entertainment and to show the value that fun and satisfaction for holiday-makers can bring to every hotel, campsite, tour operator and tourist destination.

Enjoy the experience and approach it with professionalism.

Share our way of working and understand entertainment.

At Acttiv, we take fun seriously.

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