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We tell you in 2m30
why being an entertainer is ace
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We tell you in 2m30
why being an entertainer is ace
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Reasons to be an entertainer


Travel abroad without risks

Become independent and have an experience away from home with a safe job that comes with accommodation, meals, salary, health insurance and employment guarantees 


Learn languages in an international team

Beyond a cultural exchange. Live and work with young people like you from all over Europe. The Acttiv entertainment teams differ from those of tour operators in that they're international, as are the clients staying at the hotels and campsites. 


Turn your hobbies into your job

Do what you enjoy. Play sports, dance and meet tourists from everywhere. And you'll be able to put into practice what you're studying. Studying pre-school education and still got a couple of years to go? Tourism? TAFAD?


Discover you've got no limits

Nobody knows everything about it the first time they become an entertainer. You'll gain confidence in yourself, you'll learn to work in a team and be decisive, you'll see that you can do things that you never imagined.


Enjoy a rewarding job

People on holiday are always upbeat and that makes working (seriously) fun.

You'll be the one who helps them to have unforgettable holidays and when, thanks to you, they do, they really like to let you know. At Acttiv we get emails, letters, poems, and they even ask us to sign autographs!

Why work at Acttiv?

Career plan and internal promotion
At Acttiv we believe in ongoing training to prepare those of our entertainers who want to develop and take on posts of higher responsibility. The team leaders are key to our company's success and when there's a vacancy we like to think that the best candidates are already on our staff.
Our obsession with innovation
To work at Acttiv is to be part of Spain's go-to entertainment company. In 2014 we created Invention of Love, the first show with video mapping in hotels. And every season we have new ideas. You'll love getting to know our production team and doing your bit in our creative revolution.
Company support
At Acttiv there are no answering machines, just people by your side. The coordinators on site have been entertainers like you and so they understand you. In addition, you can always contact any of the company's departments directly.
Acttiv is a solid company that works at more than 200 hotels all over Spain. This means you can work all year round and find the establishment that best suits you.
Quality and responsibility
To be responsible can seem obvious, but it isn't always. The ISO 9001 quality guarantee is proof of our daily commitment to our employees at Acttiv. We're very serious about legal procedures and the punctual payment of salaries between the 1st and 5th of each month

Entertainment for Acttiv

This is how we want to entertain

At Acttiv, entertainment is the catalyst to unforgettable experiences for the tourists. 

It's a fascinating responsibility and we believe it can only be placed in the hands of professionals, friendly public relations experts who know how to listen and act upon what they hear. 

Acttiv experiences

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