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The casting took place on the 17-03-2022

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Who is the casting for?

Young people from 18 on up , who really want to enjoy their work to the max.  Previous experience isn't essential. We believe that tourist entertainment is a great choice for a first job.

The most important thing is languages. A good level of English is obligatory and we really value it if you speak more languages.

Other abilities that we take into account (but which aren't obligatory) :

  • Pre-school education qualifications or experience with children
  • Sports instructors or monitors of yoga, pilates etc
  • Singing and dancing 

What happens during the Casting?

If working as an entertainer at a Spanish hotel or campsite is an incredibly cool experience, imagine how much fun a casting to select employees will be.

First let's look at what a tourist entertainer does and we'll also talk about Acttiv. We like to make it clear that at Acttiv we take fun seriously. Creating unforgettable holidays is a great responsibility that we're passionate and motivated about but which is also demanding, and the truth is that we're very hardworking.

And after the blah, blah, blah, we give you the floor. We create group dynamics to see how you get on, and do individual interviews to get to know you and assess your languages level.

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Contact Acttiv by phone on 902 360 904 (outside calls +34 91 432 4363) Copyright 2014. All rights reserved Acttiv Leisure Projects S.L.