Barceló Punta Umbría Mar
Punta Umbría - Huelva

Duration: 13 days
Starts: 25 March
Ends: 8 April


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The Barceló Punta Umbría Resort, like most of the holiday establishments where we work, caters primarily for families, and is a great place to learn what the job of being an entertainer is really like. Our aim is to train versatile entertainers able to organize a wide range of activities for children, teenagers and adults.
+ You have an European passport or a work permit to work in Spain; + You speak English and Spanish; + You’ll win points if you speak other languages such as French, German, Dutch or Russian; + You have education or related experience with kids, dance or sports; + You are available to work right after finishing the course and for a minimum period of 5 months.
This course has been created to train future entertainers who will start working right after the course ends. The Barceló Punta Umbría Resort will select, from amongst all the participants, its entertainers for the 2016 season. Acttiv will offer a job (at another hotel) to the remaining candidates who have passed the course.
  • PLACE: Barceló Punta Umbría Mar
  • STARTS: 25 March
  • ENDS: 8 April
  • LANGUAGE: Spanish
  • PRICE: 180 €
  • EMPLOYMENT PROMISE: Acttiv offers jobs to all successful participants.

Entrevista a Bries, alumno del curso

Please, read carefully all details related with this course

Day 1

Entertainment General Theory. Practice

  • Introduction to entertainment
  • The Hotel. The Guest. The Entertainer
  • The Entertainment Programme
  • Practice: Minidisco and PR
Day 2

Children’s and Adults's Theory. Practice

  • General Rules. Age Groups
  • Types of Games
  • Variety of Activities and Sports
  • Development and Organisation Activities
  • Practice: Sports Activities for Adults. Cocktail Game
Day 3

Theme Days and Parties Theory. Practice

  • Structure of Special Activities and Theme Days
  • Organisation, Promotion and Launch
  • Practice: Microphone Tecniques
  • Practice: Facepaiting. Clubdances
Day 4

Fitness and Wellness Activities Theory. Practice

  • Organisation techniques for wellness activities
  • Fitness level 1
  • Practice: Microphone Techniques. Minidisco
  • Practice: Sports Activities for Adults
Day 5


  • Children’s Entertainment Practice
  • Wellness Activities Practice
  • Dance Practice
  • Evening Entertainment Practice: Minidisco . PR
Day 6

Processes, Documents and Quality Theory. Practice

  • Introduction to quality systems
  • Customer service techniques
  • Practice: Fitness Activities
  • Practice: Adults’ Entertainment
  • Evening Entertainment Practice: Microphone. Minidisco
Day 7

Children’s Shows Theory. Practice

  • Types of Shows, Script Organisation and Development
  • Practice: Fitness Activities
  • Evening Entertainment Practice: Minidisco. Clubdances
Day 8


  • Fitness Activities
  • With the Entertainment Team and Guests
  • Evening Entertainment Practice: MInidisco. PR
Day 9


  • Practice Fitness Activities
  • With the Entertainment Team and Guests
  • Evening Entertainment Practice: MInidisco. PR
Day 10


  • Wellness Activities Practice
  • With the Entertainment Team and Guests
  • Evening Entertainment Practice: Minidisco.

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