Chief entertainer resident on Tenerife



What are we looking for?


If you speak Spanish and English (obviously ;), you're the one we're looking for!


Experience in tourist entertainment as a chief or at least 2 seasons as hotel entertainer.

Training preferred

Education related to sports, tourism, dance or childcare are valued.


100% positive and motivated ... We want you to not simply organize the programme, but to turn everything into an unforgettable experience for both your team and the hotel guests. You'll be responsible of the communication with the managers of the hotel, so you will have good communication and troubleshooting skills.


Starting from June for at least 6 months. "NOTE we are still accepting applications for first stage screening, but due to the current global situation, there are no final assessments at the present time. If you want to apply, upload your CV and we will contact you as soon as the situation changes."

...and what do we offer?


Your accommodation is not included so you should live near the area.

Meals and drinks

Meals at the staff restaurant.


1.281€ gross/month.

Days off

2 days off per week and split working time.

Acttiv contract

Spanish seasonal employment contract. Acttiv benefits:

  • Occupational accident- and public liability insurance (apply during work hours)
  • Spanish social security (covers unemployment, illness and non-occupational accidents)
  • 30 days annual leave


Some of the things you'll be doing

  1. Welcome the team and guide them in their professional development
  2. Implement the daytime and evening entertainment programme
  3. Carry out daytime and evening activities
  4. Be the show director and MC
  5. Listen to and chat with the guests
  6. Be the direct link between the hotel director and Acttiv …. participate in meetings with department heads
  7. The money's in your hands. You'll astutely administer the entertainment department budget.
  8. Comply with the hotel and Acttiv's quality procedures
  9. Work side by side with your Acttiv coordinator in the area

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JOB: Chief entertainer resident on Tenerife

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