DJ entertainer for Lanzarote (Canary Islands)



What are we looking for?


If you speak English and Spanish, you're the one we're looking for!


At least one season as DJ entertainer in hotels or experience as DJ or sound technician is a must.

Training preferred

Sound technician or DJ. If you have also knowledge on light systems will be a plus.


Able to manage the sound and light systems, with unflagging energy and always with a smile.


Starting end if March for at least 6 complete months.

...and what do we offer?


You can choose between making use of the apartment offered or finding your own accommodation in the area. The accommodation offered is located inside the hotel or in a nearby appartment in a shared room. An amount of 150€ will be deducted monthly from your salary in order to pay for the accommodation.

Meals and drinks

3 meals per day + basic beverages at the staff restaurant.


Days off

Between 1 day and a half and 2 days off per week.

Acttiv contract

Spanish seasonal employment contract. Acttiv benefits:

  • Occupational accident- and public liability insurance (apply during work hours)
  • Spanish social security (covers unemployment, illness and non-occupational accidents)
  • 30 days annual leave


Some of the things you'll be doing

  1. Being the resident DJ can be fantastic: playing the year's hits at the beach and swimming pool parties, amusing the little ones at the minidisco and putting on the music for the evening shows!
  2. Accompany the daytime activities with appropriate music.
  3. Help your colleagues at the show rehearsals and in setting up for the shows
  4. Look after the lighting and sound equipment
  5. Be the MC
  6. Put on some giant shoes and dance the minidisco with the kids, dressed up as clown
  7. Listen to and chat with the guests

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