Tourist entertainer online course - August

Become a tourist entertainer from home -
Do the online tourist entertainer course!

You don’t need to travel to the Spanish coast to learn the profession. We promise to offer a job to everyone who is chosen and passes the course.

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Online course

The course is taught in English and we make sure that the groups are made up of young people of different nationalities. All the participants do the course at the same time because we believe it's much more fun to learn by sharing exercises and questions with fellow students.
Ana, the teacher, has been an entertainer herself and wants your integration into a team to be as easy as possible. To this end, the training shows you what a hotel's like on the inside, and how to organise children's workshops and sports classes. In short, you'll discover what your job will be like day-to-day.
The course has lots of educational videos (featuring entertainers not actors). You'll watch these videos and imitate what you see in some of them. You'll make your own recordings, presenting yourself in an engaging and original way and demonstrating your ability to plan events and new games.
  • PLACE: Your home … it's online ;)
  • DURATION: 21 days (approx. 80 hours; compatible with studies or work)
  • NEXT COURSE: 8 August
  • LANGUAGE: English
  • PRICE: 180 €
  • EMPLOYMENT PROMISE: Acttiv offers jobs to all successful participants, and refunds the course fees to those who don't receive a job offer in a year's time

Interview with Kiri, first online course student

More details about the course


Day 1

Lesson 1: Theory of Entertainment

  • Introduction to Acttiv
  • Introduction to Entertainment
  • Tourist establishments and their surroundings
  • Get to know the clients
  • The Entertainment Programme
  • New technologies and social networks
Day 4

Lesson 2: Quality and customer service

  • Introduction to quality systems
  • Customer service techniques
Day 6

Lesson 3: Evening Activities

  • Microphone techniques
  • Stage and characterisation make-up
  • Wardrobe and set design
  • Shows and choreographies
Day 9

Lesson 4: Games

  • Types of games and game organisation
Day 11

Lesson 5: Families

  • Introduction to children's entertainment
  • Daytime programme: crafts, games and face-painting
  • Evening programme: Minidisco and creation of children's shows
Day 15

Lesson 6: Sports and Wellness

  • Organisation techniques for sports activities
  • Organisation techniques for wellness activities
  • Fitness level 1
Day 18

Lesson 7: Themed and Special Days

  • Introduction and categories
  • Organisation and objectives for special activities.
  • Creation and implementation of theme days
  • Special (activities) programming.

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